The E.I. Financial Improvement Philosophy


To inspire and motivate individuals to strengthen their financial literacy by learning how to be Economically Intelligent (E.I.).

Why follow the E.I. – Financial Improvement Philosophy rather than any other?

Many financial improvement philosophies present financial improvement solutions that temporarily solve financial problems, a quick fix if you will, that never really help cure real financial issues. These ineffective financial philosophies fail to teach people how to get out debt and stay out of debt.

The E.I. Financial Improvement Philosophy effectively teaches individuals how to obtain long-term financial improvement needed to save money so they can secure a dependable financial future. Long-term financial independence can be obtained by implementing principles of the E.I. Financial Improvement philosophy into your life.

What those who have implemented the Economic Intelligence Financial philosophy have to say…

I was relieved to find a financial literacy book that put the essence of money management in a clear and understandable manner.
– Calvin A. Callahan, II
from Richmond, VA

Now, I can actually track how much of my money is spent every month. This is a great book for anyone looking to save money in this trying economy.
-Tyson Mccrary
from Chattanooga, TN

  • Assess Your Finances
  • Define Your Financial End
  • Set Financial Goals
  • Begin the E.I. Diet Program
  • Stay Financially Focused
  • Treat Yourself Don’t Cheat Yourself
  • Make Wise Investments
  • Manage Your Extra Money
  • Find More ways to be Economically Intelligent
  • Enjoy the E.I. Destination

If it weren’t for doing business with you, I would not have been able to whether the $1900 car bill I just had.
-Robert Ruby II

from Newark, DE

The 10 steps of financial empowerment really work. Read now, save now. Thanks Jeremy!

Very Empowering!!!

Get me Started!

What is the E.I. Philosophy?

E.I. – Economic Intelligence – is a financial improvement philosophy that empowers individuals with the knowledge necessary to make intelligent financial decisions necessary to become financially successful for the everyday working class person. The core of the philosophy is “financial independence”. The E.I. Philosophy teaches individuals how to make wise financial decisions based on necessity, utilization, and investment. The building blocks of the E.I. Financial Improvement Philosophy are based on practical concepts of personal finance such as creating a budget then implementing it, setting financial goals, buying a house, and more. The philosophy is covered in depth in my book “E.I. = $ 10 Steps to Become Economically Intelligent (E.I.) and Live a Financially Successful Life”.

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