Update 1: Progress of the sequel to “E.I. = $”

Still making great progress on my book sequel to “E.I. = $”. This past weekend I was able to organize and compile some facts that will be included in the book. Although I always enjoying writing, this past weekend of research and writing was phenomenal. Why you may ask? The reason why writing has been so enjoyable the past few days is because I stepped away from the outline briefly and was able to let the facts and information flow. When discussing financial mentalities, there are numerous contributing factors. Just to name some: environment, physical health, marital status, etc. Understanding how these factors influence and contribute to financial mentalities is definitely interesting. Lucky for you all, this topic has been analyzed and the results will be available to you in a bookstore near you — SOON.

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E.I. Tip: Divide Your Paycheck. Ask your company’s HR department to divide each of your paychecks between your savings & checking accounts. Set a specific percentage to automatically deposit into your savings so you’re less tempted to touch it while off work. Also, interest rates are generally higher for savings accounts than they are for checking.

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