Happy National Financial Literacy Month!

Please join me as we recognize National Financial Literacy Month. National Financial Literacy Month is recognized in the United States in April in an effort to strengthen financial literacy and teach Americans how to be more economically intelligent. In lieu of this month, I will be providing new and informative articles addressing various financial topics. Also, I will be increasing the number of E.I. Tips posted this month on the E.I. Facebook page . I would like to encourage you to post your own E.I. tips or share your personal stories of you being E.I. and saving money. If your too shy to post there don’t forget you can Submit a Tip with the form below.

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Latest E.I Facebook Update

E.I. Tip: Shop Alone. Studies show that if you shop alone, you’ll likely spend less money, especially if you have friends that are not necessarily E.I. A shopping partner can distract you from staying within your financial budget by convincing you to buy something unplanned and unnecessary. Be E.I.

18 hours ago

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