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'E.I = $: 10 Steps to Become Economically Intelligent (E.I.) and Live a Financially Successful Life'

Get a copy of “E.I = $: 10 Steps to Become Economically Intelligent (E.I.) and Live a Financially Successful Life” and follow each step.  With each step you’ll be improving your financial intelligence and getting closer to your E.I. destination.   I take you through all 10 steps of the financial improvement philosophy, walking you through each worksheet, and to how to save money while still spoiling yourself once in awhile. We’ll also talk about making financially intelligent investments that will improve your quality of life while helping you achieve fiscal independence.


Download the FREE worksheets I’ve provided for download and fill out all worksheets to assess your current finances and to determine your situation (the first step to improving you financial intelligence is seeing how much is going where).

Attend a Seminar

Put your financial education into overdrive by attending a financial seminar that dives deeper into the E.I. Financial Improvement Philosophy and provides real life complex scenarios that put your financial intelligence to the test.

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