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15 Ways to Save Money in College

It seems like only yesterday that I was in college, but the truth is that it was actually 8 years ago (yikes!). Even though I was lucky enough to have a couple of scholarships and an on-campus job, I had to get pretty creative in order to […]

Where to get Financial Advice for Students

There are many places for students to get financial advice these days. The most obvious place for advice would be at home, from parents. Since too many students would prefer not to ask their parents for advice, here are some other good places to seek financial advice […]

Tips for Financial Stability

For the younger generations in the world today, it can be increasingly difficult to keep their head above water. It can be a struggle to live the carefree and spontaneous lifestyle that they desire. How do they make enough money to take the trips they want? Is […]

6 Affordable Christmas Gifts for College Students

6 Affordable Christmas Gifts for College Students

1. Laptops With the revolution of technology, laptops are here to stay. Nobody can deny the fact that a laptop in the hand of a college student is the perfect gift that he/she can receive. With the ever-increasing necessity for education, the days at college are something […]

Consolidate your student loans

Consolidate your student loans. Government consolidation programs combines all your student loans into one monthly payment, which ultimately provides a lower interest rate and may even lower monthly payments.

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