E.I. = $ “10 Steps to Become Economically Intelligent…

How you’ll Benefit and what you’ll learn from the Book

When you read my book you’ll be walked through the 10 steps of my financial improvement philosophy which cover how to effectively yet efficiently eliminate debt, save money and make wise investments. These steps towards securing a comfortable financial future & living without financial stress are briefly explained here.

  1. Assess your Finances
    This can be done at any time but I suggest it be done when most bills are due for ease of organization and to ensure errors are kept at a minimal. I have created some easy to use PFA (Personal Financial Analysis) worksheets that are available for download.
  2. Define Your Financial End
    Defining an end is a major factor in the success of any process, project, or program. If you don’t know where your going, it would make it pretty hard to get there.
  3. Set Financial Goals
    During the journey to your financial end, setting other short, intermediate, and long term goals is imperative for success as they will assist you with your commitment to the process of becoming economically intelligent.. Make sure that these goals are documented so you don’t lose focus. I have created a few worksheets to with examples to assist you in this process and you can find them here
  4. Begin the E.I. Diet Program
    The main objective of the E.I. Financial Diet Program is to cut the unnecessary expenditures from your finances. This takes a certain amount of discipline to avoid necessary purchases. Eliminating these will increase the amount of left over money each month and increase your financial health.
  5. Stay Financially Focused
    If you start the E.I. diet program today you won’t be financially fit tomorrow. Turning your financial situation around takes time, sacrifice, and hard work but the pay off of having less stress, more security, and a overall better quality of life greatly outweigh the sacrifice, so keep moving towards your goals and I guarantee when its all said and done you’ll be much happier with you financial situation than you are today.
  6. Treat Yourself Don’t Cheat Yourself
    Every diet has a day or time when you can eat what you want, it is no different when following a financial diet plan. Every 2-4 months of diligent dieting you should reward yourself with buying something you desire (within reason) or treat yourself to “take a break”. This will allow you something to look forward too and not make you feel as your on financial lock down.
  7. Make Wise Investments
    Making wise investments are a pinnacle of financial success as it ultimately maximizes your money in the long run.
  8. Manage Your Extra Money
    Following steps 1-7 should bring you to a point were your debt has declined quite a bit and the amount of extra money you have is greater than when you started. Don’t just spend it needlessly but invest it where it is going to benefit most. 401k’s or IRA’s are good examples.
  9. Find More ways to be Economically Intelligent
    There are so many ways to be economically intelligent. Try carpooling, buying a hybrid car, possess only one credit card, get a short term mortgage, ect.
  10. Enjoy the E.I. Destination
    Keep saving, keep treating yourself every once in awhile, and throw a party! Remember though, you have to keep working towards your other goals. Then setting new ones once you’ve reached the older goals to stay on track.

Why I wrote the Book

I wrote “E.I. – 10 Steps to Become Economically Intelligent and Live a Financially Successful Life” to present my financial improvement philosophy in 10 simple steps that are easy to read and follow. Unlike most financial improvement books I put no “fluff” in the book and you don’t have to be an MBA graduate to understand it. I get right to the points of how to become E.I. and obtain true financial freedom. I wanted to ensure the book accommodated the standard, hectic lifestyle of average working class people. You won’t have to have a dictionary to read or understand my book and if you have any questions on the minor terminology I do use, you’ll be able to find the definitions in the glossary at the back of the book.

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