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Where to get Financial Advice for Students

There are many places for students to get financial advice these days. The most obvious place for advice would be at home, from parents. Since too many students would prefer not to ask their parents for advice, here are some other good places to seek financial advice […]

Update 1: Progress of the sequel to “E.I. = $”

Update 1: Progress of the sequel to “E.I. = $”

Still making great progress on my book sequel to “E.I. = $”. This past weekend I was able to organize and compile some facts that will be included in the book. Although I always enjoying writing, this past weekend of research and writing was phenomenal. Why you […]

Happy National Financial Literacy Month!

Happy National Financial Literacy Month!

Please join me as we recognize National Financial Literacy Month. National Financial Literacy Month is recognized in the United States in April in an effort to strengthen financial literacy and teach Americans how to be more economically intelligent. In lieu of this month, I will be providing […]

Tips for Financial Stability

For the younger generations in the world today, it can be increasingly difficult to keep their head above water. It can be a struggle to live the carefree and spontaneous lifestyle that they desire. How do they make enough money to take the trips they want? Is […]

Latest E.I Facebook Update

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It was really great discussing financial literacy on the Omar Rashada Show (2/18/18). Here is a snippett of the show.

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