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Investing safely while earning substantial returns

Nowadays, our society emphasizes the importance of investing aggressively into stocks in order to obtain a substantial return. I do not agree. I am a firm believer in investing in the stock market to obtain long-term returns. In fact, I believe that investing in stocks in one […]

10 Tips to Save, You Haven’t Been Doing These

This list compiles some grade A ways to save money while still treating yourself a little. Check them out! Photo Courtesy of Try designer jeans on at the department store to find your size, and then buy them online at EBay.  Sites like,, has designer […]

Furthering Financial Education at the CCYC

I delivered a financial literacy presentation to adjudicated youth at the Chester County Youth Center (CCYC) on 10/18/10. The youth at CCYC were very attentive to the presentation and had some interesting questions and comments at the end. I would like to extend my appreciation to Mr. […]

Are you Economically Intelligent or Stingy?

Recently, while discussing financial literacy with a friend, I was asked the question, “Is there a difference between being E.I. and being stingy?”   The answer to this interesting question is yes, there is most definitely a difference in being E.I. and being stingy.  What are these […]

African American Authors Conference

I attended the 4th annual African American Authors Conference in Las Vegas, NV on March 28, 2009. I accepted the “2009 Symposium Author of the Year” Award. See pictures from the event below.

Can a person be too E.I.?

There are many different levels of E.I.  Learn each of these levels by reading the “E.I.=$ 10 Steps to Become Economically Intelligent and Live a Financially Successful Life”. You  choose the level of E.I. that best works to improve your financial condition.  Be as E.I. as necessary […]

By being E.I., will I know everything about Personal Finance?

No. The E.I. Financial Improvement Philosophy provides an above basic understanding of personal finance. The foundation obtained by learning the E.I. Philosophy is sufficient  to reason through real-world financial situations and make the best financial decisions.

What education level is needed to understand the E.I. Financial Improvement Philosophy?

Regardless of your education level (i.e. high school diploma, college degree, or advance college degree), you can learn the philosophy of Economic Intelligence. The E.I. Financial Improvement Philosophy was developed in such a way that individuals with or without college degrees can easily grasp the principles of […]

Is the E.I. Financial Literacy Philosophy for a specific audience?

No. People from all financial backgrounds, economic groups, age groups, and social classes should learn to be E.I. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that people learn to be Economically Intelligent. Seize the moment and opportunity! Get on the road to financial freedom!

What is a good age to begin to learn the E.I. Financial Literacy Philosophy?

I believe that the target age to begin teaching the E.I. Philosophy is 13 years old. At 13, youth should begin learning key principles of money management such as avoiding unnecessary expenditures and  saving for a rainy day.  The idea is by the time a young adult […]

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